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Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF) powering millions of websites and applications worldwide. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community around the world.

  • Introduction of Drupal
  • Features of drupal
  • Drupal installation
  • Creating simple content : Basic Page and Article
  • Drupal files introduction
  • Admin Menu Module
  • Understanding Content Type
  • Creating Custom Content Type
  • Adding it's custom field fields - title,body,image,model no, cost
  • Understanding Taxonomy (vocabulary, terms)
  • Creating vocabulary :
  • Adding some terms
  • Call these vocabulary to content type 'products'
  • Blocks & Region
  • Declaring custom home page of basic page
  • Create new Image style
  • Undertsanding Roles & Permission
  • User account registration system
  • Adding new fields on user register form
  • Adding new roles ,create user
  • Assign some persmission to the role
  • Views understanding
  • Understanding views, Entity, views page and block
  • Latest Product Views
  • Understanding Filter criteria and Contextual Filter
  • Show only one category products using filter criteria
  • Understanding Views Relationships
  • My Products views (show products of logged in user's only)
  • Category wise Product Listing Views
  • Related Products Views
  • Attachment view to display 1st products details with other title
  • Views for search by category and color
  • Views header, footer, pagination, ajax
  • Drupal Template Theming
  • Understanding of template.php
  • Theming section n Drupal
  • Template Theming (HTML to Drupal template)
  • Views Theming
  • Node Theming
  • Block Theming
  • Theme Files Introduction
  • THEME_NAME.info ,
  • Creating custom region
  • About template engine
  • Syntax for calling region to page
  • Convert HTML template to Drupal
  • - Creating new custom Drupal 7 theme - Custom Views Theming
    - Custom Node Theming
    - Custom Block Theming
    - Drupal 7 Module Development - Basic hook understanding - Custom module folder structure - Create menu links, - Create custom Form - Create custom block in module - Adding a configuration form - Create simple form - Validating form data - list records from custom database table - using pager on list page - edit in form - Create Blocks in module - Block configuration - Show uploaded image on custom block - Create config form - Alter Page info through hooks - views_slideshow module - SEO modules
  • Assignement - Create simple website using Drupal

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